Site Makesafe

At SML Building Group, we work closely with our clients from the outset to promptly develop and execute makesafe strategies which includes hazardous material identification, demolition, debris removal, initial and permanent cleaning requirements.

To help mitigate property loss, we will recommend both temporary and permanent measures that will greatly expedite the programme of works, providing a clear path which will ensure a prompt reoccupation of the property.

We will work closely with emergency services and local authorities to better assist during an emergency event. We will then ensure the prompt completion of any authority or council work order.

We provide project management services for the following typical makesafes:

  • Roof protection and repairs
  • Hoarding of door and window opening
  • Reinstatement or provision of temporary services
  • Structural demolition
  • Construction of temporary structures
  • Debris removal
  • Contents salvaging

Our project management services also extends to mould assessment and includes:

  • Mould contamination assessment
  • Defining a scope of works
  • Addressing water ingress issues
  • Containing mould
  • Removal of mould contamination
  • Mould drying programme
  • Structural restoration

At SML Building Group, we also provide project management services during major disasters including storm, fire, flood and cyclone events.